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〈香港青山龍窯 - 陶瓷燒製篇 Hong Kong Castle Peak Dragon Kiln〉

到底甚麼是「陶窯」?「青山龍窯」又是甚麼啊🤔?當中原來有無可取締的傳統智慧及歷史意義,試問我們如何可以輕易放棄=]? 感謝 @泥塵記 為我們製作這精彩動畫!

We get asked sometimes — so how exactly does a “pottery kiln” work? And what is so special about the Castle Peak Dragon Kiln? In short, it embodies tradition, wisdom, and irreplaceable historical significance — all the reasons why we cannot give up on this heritage site!

A big “thank you” to 泥塵記 Lai Chan Kee for making this wonderfully informative animation!


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