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〈2019 龍窯大事回顧🗒 Flashback 2019🗒〉



回顧我們的 2019 傳送門🚪﹕

📍「保龍窯 留學校」記者招待會 -

📍「保龍窯 留學校」向屯門區議會遞交請願信 -

📍「保龍窯 留學校」屯門街站阻止拆卸培愛學校聯署 -

📍香港龍窯關注組業界討論會 -

📍與香港大學建築學系學生合作 創想青山龍窯活化方案 -

📍跟進屯門區議員建議考慮保留於龍窯旁的舊培愛校舍作社區中心使用 -

📍參與「新瓷 - 中國當代藝術陶瓷特展」-

📍〈到青山·看龍窯〉X 畫下嘢 Wahayeah Sketch Group 龍窯寫生團 -

📍〈到青山·看龍窯〉公眾導賞團 -

📍回應古諮會通過在龍窯30米外建房的文物影響評估報告 -

📍龍窯冬日大掃除 -

By the end of 2019, we would like to express our gratitude to you all who give us your full support in saving the dragon kiln😊. We have been organising events and tours to promote the dragon kiln🐉 to the public and constantly monitoring the government's actions on the preservation of the kiln throughout the year.

A year has passed. Pui Oi school campus has been torn down⚠️. The construction of a 42-storey residential building which is just 30 meters away from the kiln is ready to launch anytime🏗. Refiring the dragon kiln is barely possible. However, we are not losing hope. In the coming year, we will keep on monitoring the impact on the kiln brought by the construction🔎. We still believe the value of the ancient dragon kiln as a living monument of the golden days of Hong Kong production📣. We are open to all possibilities in promoting the culture of making ceramics in Hong Kong by revitalising the dragon kiln as our base.

Our Flashback 2019🚪﹕

📍"Save the Kiln, Save the School" Press Conference -

📍"Save the Kiln, Save the School" Passing a Letter of Request to Tuen Mun District Council -

📍"Save the Kiln, Save the School" Setting Up Street Counter in Tuen Mun for Petition Against the Demolition of Pui Oi Campus -

📍Industrial Conference on Dragon Kiln Development -

📍Designing Revitalisation Plan of the Dragon Kiln with Students from HKU Architecture Department -

📍Follow up with Tuen Mun District Councillor on Revitalising Pui Oi Campus as a Community Centre -

📍Participating in “New China - Contemporary Chinese Ceramics Exhibition”-

📍Castle Peak Dragon Kiln Guided Tour X 畫下嘢 Wahayeah Sketch Group Sketching Tour -

📍Castle Peak Dragon Kiln Guided Tour -

📍Replying Heritage Impact Assessment Report by AMO -

📍Winter Clean-up in the Dragon Kiln -

📸Instagram: hongkongdragonkiln


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