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〈風後大掃除 Cleanup after Mangkhut〉

山竹襲港後,一行六人(包括嶺南大學視覺研究系服務研習生)到青山陶窯,將窯址分成細區,逐步清理囤積多年的物品。打掃過後,竟發現工作區的地台很特別,不像是泥土,也不像三合土( 石屎) , 窯主梁先生憶述,當年由父親親手打造地台,用了一種特別的配方,一部份是泥土,一部份是三合土,適當份量混合凝固後變成一層堅實而具備吸水能力的物質。以之覆蓋地台,工人就可直接在上面用腳踩泥練土,這就是前人的智慧!佩服!

After Typhoon Mangkhut, six of us (including students from Lingnam University’s Visual Studies Department) went to the Castle Peak Pottery Kiln to help clear some of the debris and garbage. We divided the kiln grounds into sections. After cleaning one area, we were able to finally see the floor, which turned out to be very special! According to kiln guardian Mr. Leung, the floor was made by his father with a special combination of earth and concrete, so that after setting it was solid but water-absorbent, a perfect surface for wedging the clay directly with their feet. This means every inch of the kiln grounds was put to use — amazing!!!


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