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〈畫下龍窯🖌 Sketch the dragon kiln🖌〉

上月一眾來自 畫下嘢 Wahayeah Sketch Group 的城市速繪畫家到青山·看龍窯,以速繪的方式在龍窯寫生,Sketchers 們各自在龍窯找到喜歡的角落,畫筆下都是創意滿滿、獨一無二的寫生。

Look at the beautiful sketches of the dragon kiln drawn by a group of urban sketchers from WaHaYeah Sketch Group during our guided tour last month.

Each sketcher settled down in different corners of the kiln, capturing the kiln creatively with their imagination in their unique brushstrokes and styles. Every piece is uniquely intriguing!

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