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〈深入龍窯 尋找倒流的時光⏳ Take a ride on a time machine with our cleanup team⏳〉



The Dragon Kiln was not only a large structure for firing ceramics — dotted all around the kiln were different workshop spaces for each step of the ceramic production process😯. Over the past weeks, we’ve been cleaning up an area where all the production moulds were kept for making everything from piggy banks and clay cooking pots to wine jugs and clay water pipes. It got pretty dusty, but cataloguing each piece was like traveling back in time⏳!

p.s. Do you recognize any of these old ceramic pieces? How about your older family members?😍

攝影及剪輯 Videography and Editing﹕Cheehaur Tan


📸Instagram: hongkongdragonkiln


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