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新瓷 - 中國當代藝術陶瓷特展 New China - Contemporary Chinese Ceramics Exhibition

活動日期 Event Date: June 14 2019

龍窯除了燒製日常的「砂煲罌罉」,也有出產高質素藝術品!上月於中環舉行的「新瓷 - 中國當代藝術陶瓷特展」,特地加入了介紹 #香港唯一龍窯 的部分,展出產自龍窯的三件作品,以及介紹相關歷史和關注組倡議的活化計劃。除了金塔和五加皮酒樽外,更有一件由盧世強先生在1980年代於龍窯燒製的 #石灣 陶塑關公像。

Besides functional ceramics used in day-to-day life, the #CastlePeakDragonKiln also fired high-quality artworks! We participated in the exhibition “New China - Contemporary Chinese Ceramics Exhibition” held last month in Central, Hong Kong. Besides sharing the kiln’s history and our revitalization proposal, we displayed three works from the kiln: a large majestic urn, a traditional Chinese wine bottle, and a stunning #Shiwan-style figurine of the Eastern Han Dynasty general Kwan-yu, created by Mr. Louis Lo in the 1980s.

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