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〈整理收拾 重見昔日工房面貌🌾 Sorting and tidying up our old workshop bench🌾〉




Do you know Castle Peak Dragon Kiln🐉 is more than just a wood-firing kiln? There was, in fact, a complete ceramic production line in the Dragon Kiln workshop😲. In peak seasons, a team of 30 workers worked there to produce a wide range of ceramic household products💪🏽. All these products of the Dragon Kiln are valuable records of Hongkongers' livelihood in the 1950s and 60s🔎.

Every piece tells interesting stories of our past. That's why we are publishing a printed book📖 for the Castle Peak Dragon Kiln to share Hong Kong stories through ceramic pieces produced in the Dragon Kiln.

Our cleanup team was tidying up our workshop spaces in the Dragon Kiln to prepare for our upcoming publication. We can't wait to share this new book with you all. Meanwhile, we wish you all good health and peace😌!

攝影 Photography﹕Cheehaur Tan


📸Instagram: hongkongdragonkiln


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