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〈你試過真的拿一個煲去箍嗎?徵集💭 你的「箍煲」記憶🙋🏼‍♀🙋🏻‍♂ 💭Share your unique experience of repairing a clay pot NOW🙋



我們很想知道~~ 💭以前要把砂煲拿到哪兒「箍煲」呢? 💭使用一個新煲之前,要如何「開煲」? 💭一個砂煲可以用多久?


In spoken Cantonese, "cool bowl" (箍煲,ku1 bou1) is a colloquial way of saying “save a broken relationship💔,” but its literal meaning is describing the Chinese tradition to “repair a pot with a metal wire” 🔧. In the old days, almost every home 🏠 had a clay pot that was so treasured, people would try to repair it even if it was cracked. And these clay pots were just one of the products made at the Castle Peak Dragon Kiln🐉.

Our Concern Group is now working on a book📖 about the Dragon Kiln and the ceramics products fired there over the years, and we are collecting stories about how these clay pots were used. Have you got an old story about these clay pots to share with us?💡

💭Where did you bring your pots to “repair with a metal wire”? 💭Are there ways to treat or prepare a new pot before using it? 💭How long did your family use your clay pot?

Comment below or inbox us to share your unique experience of repairing a clay pot now! Or, help us share this post! 🙋🏻‍♂🙋🏼‍♀

攝影 Photography﹕周頌謙 Him Chow

#saveourdragonkiln #N147 #守護龍窯 #青山陶窯 . 📸Instagram: hongkongdragonkiln


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