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〈一個充滿創意的下午@香港大學 An inspiring afternoon at the University of Hong Kong〉

幾個月之前,我們受邀到香港大學建築學系三年級生課堂中介紹龍窯,他們的功課就是創作青山龍窯的活化方案! 昨日下午,學生們向大家報告成果,我們十分欣喜看到五組同學的心血結晶。他們無窮的創意和模型中的巧思表達,程度遠遠超越大家看到的照片=] ~正訴說著活化龍窯的無限可能! 感謝歐暉教授精心安排是次合作,感謝學生們的努力 🌞

A few months ago, we were asked to give input to a HKU Architecture Department project for its 3rd year students. The assignment: to create designs for a conservation project around the Castle Peak Dragon Peak! Yesterday afternoon, the students presented their concepts to a panel of assessors, and we happily accepted the invitation to see proposals from the 5 groups of students. These photos do not begin to showcase the wide range of concepts and models made. But each proposal was unique, proving there are indeed many possibilities for the conservation of this valuable kiln structure! Big thank you to Professor Fai Au for setting this meaningful assignment, and to the hard work of all the students!

#saveourdragonkiln #N147 #守護龍窯 #青山陶窯 . 📸Instagram: hongkongdragonkiln


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